Sponsoring opportunities at KIT

Does your company want to...

...present itself as an attractive employer of the Karlsruhe Technology Region?

...show yourself in public as a supporter of innovation & research?

...be seen as a partner of KIT?

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Hintergrund_KIT-grün KIT
Recruiting-& Employer Branding brochure

Sponsoring of events

Tag der offenen Tür 2019_Bühnenprogramm KIT
Open house day
Erstbegrüßung2019_Begrüßung KIT
Welcome to the first semester
Ball des KIT 2019_Tanzfläche KIT
Ball of the KIT
NEULAND Innovationstag KIT
NEULAND Innovation day

06.10.2021 im TRIANGEL (Campus Süd)

Damian T. Dziwis

Roma Szeliga

Kevin German

Sonja Thiel

Verena Mohaupt und Ester Horvath

Raffaela Hillerbrand

Barbara Kopp

Ingo Timm

Hans Schipper

Johannes Schmid-Johannsen



Sponsoring of the KIT Shuttle

Ride along - as sponsoring partner of KIT and supporter of the innovative hydrogen technology

KIT-Wasserstoff-Bus (Foto: Irina Westermann) KIT
KIT Shuttle