Innovation and Relations Management

Sponsoring opportunities at KIT

Does your company want to...

...present itself as an attractive employer of the Karlsruhe Technology Region? yourself in public as a supporter of innovation & research? seen as a partner of KIT?

Choose the appropriate format to reach your target group safely
Hintergrund_KIT-grün KIT
Recruiting-& Employer Branding brochure

Sponsoring of events

Tag der offenen Tür 2019_Bühnenprogramm KIT
Open house day
Erstbegrüßung2019_Begrüßung KIT
Welcome to the first semester
Ball des KIT 2019_Tanzfläche KIT
Ball of the KIT
NEULAND Innovationstag KIT
NEULAND Innovation day


Sponsoring of the KIT Shuttle

Ride along - as sponsoring partner of KIT and supporter of the innovative hydrogen technology

KIT-Wasserstoff-Bus (Foto: Irina Westermann) KIT
KIT Shuttle