Sponsoring opportunities at KIT

Does your company want to...

...present itself as an attractive employer of the Karlsruhe Technology Region?

...show yourself in public as a supporter of innovation & research?

...be seen as a partner of KIT?

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Sponsoring of events

NEULAND Innovationstag KIT
NEULAND Innovation day

Date: 12. Juni 2024

Location: Audimax and Forum (Campus South)

Event's website
200 Jahre KIT KIT



Become an official partner and sponsor of the KIT-Anniversary in 2025!

Tag der offenen Tür 2019_Bühnenprogramm KIT
Open house day

Date: Summer 2025

Location: Campus South

Event's website
KeyVisual Science Week KIT
KIT Science Week

Date: 14. - 19.10.2025



Sponsoring of the KIT Shuttle

Ride along - as sponsoring partner of KIT and supporter of the innovative hydrogen technology

KIT-Wasserstoff-Bus KIT
KIT Shuttle