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Curious on different job descriptions and what they mean?

A JOBTalk makes it possible to give a platform to exchange information between studies and business. At the moment we offer this format to students who are studying in the computer science field who want to find out which different job opportunities might await them. The different employees of various companies give an insight into their jobs, the company culture and the possibilities of the company and what was important during their studies to get into their job of today.

In small groups students can ask questions on which lectures are important to which career path and if internships were essential. And if one preferes to talk with an employee of one company personally, then you can use the get-together at the end of the JOBTalk to also exchange more information and maybe even contact details.

The second digital JOBTalk this winter semester will be on 8th Februrary 2021 and runs under the topic "Big name in retail/industry - but also in IT?". Interested? Find out more here.

The third JOBTalk is planned to be on the 17th May 2021 and you can decide which topic it should have. You can vote until the 31st January 2021 and place further topics.

Current ranking (12.01.2021):

1. Big Data

2. FAANG in Deutschland

3. Neuralink

The fourth JOBTalk on the 8th July 2021 will be about "AI within the automotive sector".

JOBTalk III: Decide which topic you want!

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