The service unit Innovation and Relations Management (IRM) is the central partner for industry, alumni, and sponsors at KIT and, in addition, supports KIT students and employees. The services include career service, technology transfer of research results to industry, start-up consulting, support of KIT alumni, private sponsors, foundations, and awards for students and sponsoring.

On the following pages we would like to introduce you to our range of services and our team.

KIT IRM Media-Center KIT

FAQs, support, templates, newsletters and social media feeds of the innovation and relationship management



KIT Career Service und Alumni KIT
Career Service & Alumni

Career advice

Career fair

Company meets Campus

KIT Technologietransfer KIT
Technology Transfer

Technology screening

Patents and licenses

Technology marketing

KIT Gründungen und Beteiligungen KIT
Foundations & Participations

Start-up consultancy



KIT Industry Relations KIT
Industry Relations

Strategic partners

Sponsoring & Advertising

KIT Business Club

KIT Stiftung KIT
Fundraising & Foundations



KIT Foundation

KIT Entry Point Wirtschaft KIT
Entry Point Industry

The central contact point for research and innovation issues for companies



Dr. Thomas Kröner, leitender LizenzmanagerKIT
Professions in Technology Transfer

Technology transfer from public research makes an important contribution to business and society. But what actually happens at the interface between science and business, what professions are there and what job profiles are in demand? In our exciting interview series, we shed light on the professional fields of technology transfer.

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TT project contract signatureKIT
Conductive adhesives – new TT project with PROTAVIC INTERNATIONAL started

A new German-French Technology Transfer project between KIT and PROTAVIC INTERNATIONAL kicked off in July. It aims to develop an electrically conductive adhesive for microelectronic components and solar modules.

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These are the winners of Founder Pitch 2021

Six start-ups have mastered the technical and mental challenge at the first digital founder pitch in front of more than 500 digital spectators. catavis secures 1st place as well as the audience award. Third place goes to femfeel, MARA Solutions makes it to 2nd place. Here is the blog post about the pitch.

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PortalKIT Career Service
Career Service Portal

The Career Service Portal offers students, companies, alumni and employees of KIT easy and quick access to the services and offers of the KIT Career Service. Have a look!

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