The service unit Innovation and Relations Management (IRM) is the central partner for industry, alumni, and sponsors at KIT and, in addition, supports KIT students and employees. The services include career service, technology transfer of research results to industry, start-up consulting, support of KIT alumni, private sponsors, foundations, and awards for students and sponsoring.

On the following pages we would like to introduce you to our range of services and our team.

KIT IRM Media-Center KIT

FAQs, support, templates, newsletters and social media feeds of the innovation and relationship management



KIT Career Service und Alumni KIT
Career Service & Alumni

Career advice

Career fair

Company meets Campus

KIT Technologietransfer KIT
Technology Transfer

Technology screening

Patents and licenses

Technology marketing

KIT Gründungen und Beteiligungen KIT
Foundations & Participations

Start-up consultancy



KIT Industry Relations KIT
Industry Relations

Strategic partners

Sponsoring & Advertising

KIT Business Club

KIT Stiftung KIT
Fundraising & Foundations



KIT Foundation

KIT Entry Point Wirtschaft KIT
Entry Point Industry

The central contact point for research and innovation issues for companies



KTUR AbschlussveranstaltungiStock.com/Leonid Andronov
KTUR Closing Event


After almost three years, the Interreg project KTUR – "Knowledge Transfer Upper Rhine" is ending and on September 22, 2022, from 2:30 p.m. to 4:45 p.m., the project partners will present the results of the various project measures that were tested and implemented to promote knowledge and technology transfer in the Upper Rhine region.

Registration and further information
Foundation of the month: NeoCarga AGKIT-Gründerschmiede
Podcast of the KIT-Gründerschmiede

Every month, KIT-Gründerschmiede presents the start-up of the month in its start-up podcast. Compact and entertaining, the podcast talks about the challenges of the start-up process, phases of discovery and plans for the future - everything conveniently "to go" for listening.

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Review Innovation Day 2022KIT
Review of the Innovation Day 2022


The NEULAND Innovation Day at KIT was a great success again this year: About 800 spectators participated digitally or in presence in the event around the guiding theme "Sustainable #Innovation". We have compiled the most exciting numbers, highlights, and photos from Innovation Day 2022 in our annual follow-up report. 

To the follow-up report
Mykhailo Midyanyy and teamMykhailo Midyanyy
KIT Alumus launches fundraiser for Ukraine

KIT alumnus Mykhailo Midyanyy has set up a big fundraiser for Ukraine: Since the war broke out, he has been using almost every free minute to help the people who are holding out there. Together with his long-time friend Lev Pavlysh and numerous volunteers, he keeps going to the Ukrainian border and delivering what is needed on site - bandages, medicines, surgical clothing or baby food.

Support via STELP e.V.
Teams and responsibilities
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