Program of the Leadership Talent Academy

In addition to the central development program with various workshop and seminar days on diverse topics of personality development, the Leadership Talent Academy program also includes an optional offer, which comprises the 7-day academy week "Leadership and Personality" (limited number of participants) as well as the coaching and alumni offer. Please note that the organization and implementation of the program takes place in German.

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Dates and Deadlines

Central Support Program

Module overview October 2022
Module Career Inside Yourself
Authentic Leadership TopHealth
Date Mon, 24.10.2022 Tue, 25.10.2022 Fri, 28.10.2022
"Career Inside Yourself" - Individual Position Determination
As a potential executive, it is elementary to know where you currently stand and where you want to go. The module "Career Inside Yourself" helps to locate one's own position as a basis for developing life and career perspectives.
  • Welcome on the part of KIT / KSG as well as introduction to the LTA
  • Analysis of own strengths and potentials
  • Getting to know a methodical tool for the processing of a personal qualification profile
  • Presentation of coaching as a helpful element for the further development and implementation of the contents of the Leadership Talent Academy
  • Promoting the understanding of one's own strengths and qualifications
  • To become aware of one's own abilities, to stand by them and to be able to present them confidently to the outside world
  • To build up a network among the participants
  • Doris Brenner, Freelance consultant specialising in personnel development and career counseling
Date / Time / Place:
Mon, 24.10.2022 / 9:00 am to 6:30 pm / KIT

"Authentic Leadership - Leading yourself and others authentically

Authentic Leadership is based on the experience that people are particularly efficient, creative and positively motivated when they consider what they are doing to be coherent, meaningful and right. The module "Authentic Leadership" offers a sound introduction to what it means to be authentic - especially in the role of a leader. Central to this are two basic skills: Self-reflection and self-awareness. Building on this, the module demonstrates methods for authentic leadership and, at the start of the Leadership Talent Academy, lays the foundation for topics that will be addressed in greater depth in other modules.


  • The importance of authenticity for one's own life, especially the leadership role
  • Self-reflection: questioning one's own motives, values and goals
  • Self-perception: reflection and dealing with emotions
  • Authenticity and roles: Working on personal role sovereignty


  • Examination of the idea of authentic self-leadership
  • Training of self-perception and self-reflection
  • Preview of the academy week "Leadership & Personality" (limited number of participants)


  • Prof. Dr. Michael Bordt SJ, Managing Director of the Institute for Philosophy and Leadership (LETHOS)
  • Johannes Lober M.A., MBA, Managing Director of the Institute for Philosophy and Leadership (LETHOS)

Date / Time / Place:

Tue, 25.10.2022 / 9:00 am to 6:30 pm / KIT


"TopHealth" - Healthy and fit in everyday management through a balanced life
As a future leader, it is important to take good care of yourself and keep an eye on your own well-being in order to remain efficient in the long run. The module "TopHealth" focuses on healthy self-leadership by presenting approaches and tools that support and promote one's own performance and health. In addition, it addresses the influence of the manager on the design of working conditions and the health of employees.
  • Getting to know and developing competencies to maintain physical and mental health and to be able to meet the challenges of a future manager
  • Relevance of workplace health promotion and the relationship between health, well-being and work ability as well as the effects of physical activity, fitness and relaxation on sustainable performance
  • Raising awareness of factors that promote health
  • Development of a deeper understanding of the topics of relaxation, fitness as well as physical activity in a professional context
  • Dr. Claudia Hildebrand, Head of the Workplace Health Management Department at the Institute for Sports and Sports Science (IfSS), KIT and Coordinator of Workplace Health Management at KIT
  • Jelena Bezold, Research assistant in the field of social and health sciences of sport at the Institute for Sport and Sport Science (IfSS), KIT and course instructor stress management (ket) as well as yoga teacher (200 h)
Date / Time / Place:
Fri, 28.10.2022 / 9:00 am to 6:30 pm / KIT


Module overview November 2022
Module Good Leadership Intra- & Entrepreneurship Technology and Responsibility
Date Tue, 22.11.2022 Fri, 25.11.2022 Tue, 29.11.2022

"Good Leadership" - What constitutes good leadership and how it can be practiced

Companies need not only leadership for their success, but above all good leadership. What distinguishes leadership from good leadership? What distinguishes management from leadership? By means of self-reflection, the "Good Leadership" module enables participants to lead well and fairly in their future day-to-day management and promotes the development of leadership skills while taking into account an individual employee orientation.


  • Discovering markers for good leadership (in comparison to bad leadership)
  • Distinguishing a leader from a leadership personality
  • Mastering challenging situations in personnel and business management


  • Addressing the idea of "good" leadership
  • Reflecting on one's own point of view and recognizing development perspectives


  • Dr. Norbert Copray, Director of the Fairness Foundation

Date / Time / Place:

Tue, 22.11.2022 / 9:00 am to 6:30 pm / KIT


"Intra- & Entrepreneurship" - Discovering the world with the mind of an entrepreneur

Successful managers demonstrate entrepreneurial thinking and action in many situations. They recognize attractive opportunities themselves and seize them. In addition, they promote entrepreneurial thinking in their teams. The "Intra- & Entrepreneurship" module enables participants to identify business ideas using creative methods and provides impetus for getting these ideas off the ground with the help of visionary leadership.


  • Exploring intra- and entrepreneurship through project examples
  • Identifying entrepreneurial opportunities and developing novel and visionary business ideas using creativity techniques and translating them into structured business models
  • Use of visionary ideas to mobilize resources for one's own project
  • Reflection of the experiences against the background of future leadership tasks
  • Meet up with Sven Häwel, entrepreneur and founder of homeandsmart, among others


  • Developing an understanding of the importance of entrepreneurial thinking in the context of leadership
  • Becoming familiar with tools and perspectives for developing business ideas
  • Raising awareness of the importance of communication formats for mobilizing resources


  • Prof. Dr. Orestis Terzidis, Head of the Institute for Entrepreneurship, Technology Management and Innovation (EnTechnon), KIT
  • Alexander Tittel, Institute for Entrepreneurship, Technology Management and Innovation (EnTechnon), KIT / Topic: Opportunity Recognition 
  • Dr. Niels Feldmann, Head of the KIT Intrapreneurship Program, Founder and Head of the Service Design Thinking Program at the Institute of Information Systems and Marketing (IISM)


  • Sven Häwel, Web Entrepreneur & Consulter, Hi End SEO Specialist, Founder of homeandsmart

Date / Time / Place:

Fri, 25.11.2022 / 9:00 am to 6:30 pm / KIT


"Technology & Responsibility" - Dealing responsibly with AI

Executives need a sense of the potential opportunities, as well as risks, of technology applications in order to make good decisions. The influential and widespread use of artificial intelligence (AI) poses a particular challenge in this regard. The module "Technology & Responsibility" helps to understand ethical challenges of different AI applications and teaches basic competencies to deal with them in a responsible way.


  • Explanation of ethical challenges of different AI applications

  • Differentiation between an unreflective instrumental handling of AI and a responsible handling on the basis of ethical reflection

  • Sensitivity for the (ethically and logically inconclusive) problematic aspects of too quick or naive judgments regarding the morality of decisions and actions with regard to AI applications

  • Responsible handling of AI in the interaction of a multitude of stakeholders

  • Meet up with Prof. Dr. Armin Grunwald, among others head of the Office of Technology Assessment at the German Bundestag (TAB)


  • Raising awareness of the multi-layered ethical challenges of various AI applications as well as the responsibility of managers in dealing with them

  • Acquisition of competencies to critically reflect on AI applications on the basis of ethical arguments and to establish a responsible approach to AI applications


  • PD Dr. Michael Kühler, Research associate at ARRTI, the KIT Academy for Responsible Research, Teaching, and Innovation, KIT


  • Prof. Dr. Armin Grunwald, Head of the Institute for Technology Assessment and Systems Analysis (ITAS), KIT and Head of the Office of Technology Assessment at the German Bundestag (TAB)

Date / Time / Place:

Tue, 29.11.2022 / 9:00 am to 6:30 pm / KIT


Module overview December 2022
Module Communication Search Inside Yourself (Part I) Search Inside Yourself (Part II)
Date Tue, 06.12.2022 Fri, 16.12.2022 Sat, 17.12.2022 (plus evening date: Wed, 18.01.2023)

"Communication" - Effective communication and appreciative conversations.

As a manager, it is important to react flexibly to different situations and to adapt one's own communication according to the requirements. Communicative competencies are therefore indispensable as a basis for modern leadership culture. The module "Communication" is designed to sensitize participants to recognizing and dealing with their own impact competence and to promote the development of communicative skills.


  • Basics of communication and conversation

  • Dealing with difficult communication situations

  • Personal self-awareness with regard to one's own behavioral dispositions in private as well as professional life

  • Discovering inner needs


  • Sensitization with regard to own communication patterns

  • Strengthening of communicative skills

  • Development of the competence in appearance as well as strengthening of the sovereignty in the interaction with others


  • Daniela Geraets, Entrepreneurial coach, consultant for agile methods and organizational development, communications trainer, entrepreneur for 12 years

Date / Time / Place:

Tue, 06.12.2022 / 9:00 am to 6:30 pm / KIT


"Search Inside Yourself" - Mindful interaction in everyday leadership (leadership training to develop emotional intelligence)

As a potential leader, it is important to remain in your own center in order to be able to interact empathetically with your environment. The module "Search Inside Yourself" sensitizes to integrate mindfulness into the daily leadership routine and promotes the development of empathy, motivation as well as self-control.


  • Introduction to the concepts of mindfulness and emotional intelligence and their implementation in the workplace
  • Dealing with personal challenges and strengthening resilience
  • Learning to lead employees with empathy and compassion


  • Training in self-awareness and self-management
  • Training of motivation and integration
  • In addition to the 2-day seminar, participation includes a subsequent 28-day challenge with suggestions for small daily exercises that take only a few minutes and help build new habits in everyday life. At the end of the module, there will be a short webinar to discuss, among other things, issues of everyday transfer


  • Astrid Böttger, Media coach, leadership trainer and stress management expert, certified Search Inside Yourself trainer.
  • Dr. Matthias Jacobi, Internist, specialist in psychosomatic medicine and psychotherapy, management trainer, certified Search Inside Yourself trainer

Date / Time / Place:

Fri, 16.12.2022 / 9:00 am to 6:30 pm / KIT

Sat, 17.12.2022 / 9:00 am to 6:30 pm / KIT

"Search Inside Yourself" was originally developed at Google - with the collaboration of leading experts in neuroscience, mindfulness and emotional intelligence. The training is used by leading companies worldwide, including Google, Deutsche Telekom, T-Mobile USA, Dell, and SAP.


Further dates:

Final webinar

Date / Time / Place:

Wed, 18.01.2023 / 5:00 pm to 7:00 pm / online



Module overview January 2023
Module Business Ethics Career Inside Yourself (Closing)  
Date  Thu, 19.01.2023 Fr, 20.01.2023  

"Business Ethics" - Assuming Ethical Responsibility in Business

As a manager, you have to make decisions every day, often decisions with very far-reaching consequences. The module "Business Ethics" prepares you for conflict situations, makes you able to speak and act ethically and thus promotes the development of ethical conflict skills. 


  • Basic philosophical questions of business ethics and their different positions, examination of future leadership roles, global ethics perspective
  • Connection between corporate values, strategy and corporate culture
  • Sensible handling of different values and principles, assessment of benefits and risks, but also consideration of consequences
  • The ethical evaluation of companies: a perception-based, non-moralizing approach to ethical evaluation (ethical company rating)
  • Getting to know the ethical toolbox and the model for ethical decision making
  • Dealing with ethical issues up to and including conflicts and dilemmas


  • Introduction to the basics of business ethics, getting to know the central approaches, practicing self-reflection in and for leadership tasks
  • Strengthening of the ability to speak and act ethically and encouragement to responsibly follow one's own path in solving ethical conflicts


  • Prof. Dr. Dr. Ulrich Hemel, Director of the Global Ethic Institute Tübingen (WEIT)

Date / Time / Place:

Thu, 19.01.2023 / 9:00 am to 6:30 pm / KIT


"Career Inside Yourself" - Individual Positioning and Outlook

As a potential executive, it is elementary to know where you currently stand and where you want to go. The module "Career Inside Yourself" helps to locate one's own position and to develop life and career perspectives.


  • Goal planning: linking management skills and one's own career - exploring which tasks and framework conditions might be the most suitable ones

  • Career planning - roadmap for further professional development

  • Resources for the career path and to find your own balance

  • Meet up with TOP alumni/ae of KIT


  • Define own career goal parameters

  • Implementing the learning success of the individual modules into one's own life and career planning

  • Recognizing what one has learned about oneself in the course of the Leadership Talent Academy and what influence this has on one's future life and work

  • Consolidation of a network among the participants

  • Exchange with TOP alumni/ae of KIT on insights and outlooks into leadership-relevant issues


  • Doris Brenner, Freelance consultant specialising in personnel development and career counseling

Date / Time / Place:

Fri, 20.01.2023 / 9:00 am to 6:30 pm / KIT


Module overview February 2023
Module Closing Event 
Date Thu, 02.02.2023 (from afternoon)

"Closing event" - résumé and outlook

The official closing event of the Leadership Talent Academy enables a résumé in relation to one's own participation as well as an outlook on one's time as a future leader. The exchange with the Karl Schlecht Foundation supports a deeper understanding of the guiding principles of the foundation and the message behind the Leadership Talent Academy.


  • Review of the Leadership Talent Academy
  • Exchange with the Karl Schlecht Foundation (KSG)
  • Farewell on the part of the Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT) and the Karl Schlecht Foundation (KSG)


  • Résumé of the participation in the Leadership Talent Academy
  • Exchange on the guiding principles of the Leadership Talent Academy
  • Conclusion in a cozy round

Date / Time / Place:

Thu, 02.02.2023 / from 4:00 pm / KIT



Optional Offers

Academy "Leadership and Personality" (limited number of participants)

Max. 12 PT Sun, 12.03.2023 until Sat, 18.03.2023
  Academy "Leadership and Personality"

Academy "Leadership & Personality" at Elmau Castle - The journey to yourself

In-depth offer for a limited number of participants (max. 12 TN)

In addition to professional competence, managers need above all a mature personality and the ability to lead themselves. The Academy "Leadership & Personality" aims to support participants in their ability to lead themselves, so that they can decide and live in a self-determined way individually as a person, as well as in a future role as a leader.


  • Exercises of meditation, yoga and self-awareness to get into a distance to superficial feelings, emotions and affects. Getting to know a method that supports making appropriate and correct decisions even in challenging situations
  • Exercises for constructive and self-critical handling of projects and life goals, in order to be able to pursue personal goals out of personal inner drive
  • Exercises for conscious and reflective handling of one's own inner world in order to be able to competently lead oneself and thus also others
  • Methods for structured discussion of personal-existential questions that managers will be confronted with
  • Personal discussion rounds with internationally experienced executives in top positions


  • Getting to know methods that support in giving oneself orientation in life questions and being able to lead oneself - even under challenging circumstances. Because only those who can lead themselves and give orientation can lead other people and give them orientation


  • Prof. Dr. Michael Bordt SJ, Managing Director of the Institute for Philosophy and Leadership (LETHOS)
  • Johannes Lober M.A., MBA, Managing Director of the Institute for Philosophy and Leadership (LETHOS)

Date / Time / Place:

Sun, 12.03.2023 to Sat, 18.03.2023 / 4:30 pm to 2:30 pm Palace Elmau 

The Academy "Leadership & Personality" at Palace Elmau is based on the methods and experiences of the Institute for Philosophy and Leadership in accompanying top executives, family entrepreneurs as well as young company founders, and connects to the findings of current psychological and leadership research.


If you are in therapeutic accompaniment or have recently completed therapy, please seek discussion with your therapist to make your own judgment as to whether participation in the Academy is meaningful and helpful to you at this time. The Academy process has strenuous and challenging elements; for example, it requires that you spend times of the day alone with yourself in silence. Intensive biographical work, yoga and meditation are parts of the program. In case of doubt, we ask that you also seek discussion with us. In this way we can avoid in advance that a situation arises at the academy in which isolated participants have to leave. And: Since the academy takes place in German, you must be able to speak German like a native language.


Please note: A minimum age of 23 is required to participate in the "Leadership and Personality" Academy, as well as a separate application as part of the Leadership Talent Academy. Participation in the Academy "Leadership and Personality" involves, among other things, costs for independent travel to and from the event, which must be borne by the participants. Further information on both points can be found here.


Accompanying Coaching Offer

To deepen the content of the Leadership Talent Academy, you have the option of taking part in coaching sessions. 

You will receive further information about the coaching program during the Leadership Talent Academy. 


Alumni events

Alumni events are held to build up a network with participants of the Leadership Talent Academy.

More information about the events is available as the Leadership Talent Academy progresses.


Here you can learn more about our speakers and guests.