Program of the Leadership Talent Academy

The Leadership Talent Academy program includes various workshop and seminar days on a wide range of personality development topics as well as a coaching and alumni offering. Please note that the organization and implementation of the program takes place in German.

Moderationsmaterial Magali Hauser / KIT
Dates and Deadlines
Module overview
April 2023
Module Career Inside Yourself
Authentic Leadership  
Date Mon, 24.04.2023 Tue, 25.04.2023  


"Career Inside Yourself" - Individual Position Determination
As a potential executive, it is elementary to know where you currently stand and where you want to go. The module "Career Inside Yourself" helps to locate one's own position as a basis for developing life and career perspectives.
  • Welcome as well as introduction to the LTA
  • Analysis of own strengths and potentials
  • Getting to know a methodical tool for the processing of a personal qualification profile
  • Presentation of coaching as a helpful element for the further development and implementation of the contents of the Leadership Talent Academy
  • Promoting the understanding of one's own strengths and qualifications
  • To become aware of one's own abilities, to stand by them and to be able to present them confidently to the outside world
  • To build up a network among the participants
  • Doris Brenner, Freelance consultant specialising in personnel development and career counseling
Date / Time / Place:
Mon, 24.04.2023 / 9:00 am to 6:30 pm / KIT

"Authentic Leadership - Leading yourself and others authentically

Authentic Leadership is based on the experience that people are particularly efficient, creative and positively motivated when they consider what they are doing to be coherent, meaningful and right. The module "Authentic Leadership" offers a sound introduction to what it means to be authentic. Central to this are two basic skills: Self-reflection and self-awareness. Building on this, the module at the beginning of the Leadership Talent Academy lays the foundation for topics that will be addressed in greater depth in other modules.


  • The importance of authenticity for one's own life, especially the leadership role
  • Self-reflection: questioning one's own motives, values and goals
  • Self-perception: reflection and dealing with emotions


  • Examination of the idea of authentic self-leadership
  • Training of self-perception and self-reflection


  • Johannes Lober M.A., MBA, Managing Director of the Institute for Philosophy and Leadership (LETHOS)

Date / Time / Place:

Tue, 25.04.2023 / 9:00 am to 1:00 pm [Module "Authentic Leadership"] / KIT
Tue, 25.04.2023 / 1:00 pm to 6:30 pm [Getting to know each other and networking] / KIT

May 2023
Module Good Leadership Business Integrity  
Date Mon, 15.05.2023 Fri, 16.05.2023  

"Good Leadership" - What constitutes good leadership and how it can be practiced

Companies need not only leadership for their success, but above all good leadership. What distinguishes leadership from good leadership? What distinguishes management from leadership? By means of self-reflection, the "Good Leadership" module enables participants to lead well and fairly in their future day-to-day management and promotes the development of leadership skills while taking into account an individual employee orientation.


  • Discovering markers for good leadership (in comparison to bad leadership)
  • Distinguishing a leader from a leadership personality
  • Mastering challenging situations in personnel and business management


  • Addressing the idea of "good" leadership
  • Reflecting on one's own point of view and recognizing development perspectives


  • Dr. Norbert Copray, Director of the Fairness Foundation

Date / Time / Place:

Mon, 15.05.2023 / 9:00 am to 6:30 pm / KIT


"Business Integrity" - Taking on ethical responsibility in companies

As a leader, you have to make decisions every day, often decisions with very large consequences - and ones that involve difficult dilemmas. The "Business Integrity" module prepares you for conflict situations, makes you capable of speaking and acting ethically and thus promotes the development of ethical conflict management skills.


  • Multiple crises and dwindling trust in politics: What does the state have to do, what can the market do, what should companies do?
  • Social responsibility as an open concept: The role and importance of social stakeholder groups
  • Interplay of corporate values, strategy and corporate culture - value discourse, value hierarchy and principle-based pragmatism as a basis
  • Use of the toolbox of ethical responsibility in the area of tension between "legality" and "legitimacy"
  • Importance of leaders and corporate culture based on the diesel scandal case study
  • Consideration of a business case for acting with integrity


  • Getting to know the ethical theory and how it can be implemented in business with integrity using a "tool kit"
  • Strengthening of the ability to speak and act ethically and encouragement to responsibly tread your own path in solving ethical conflicts


  • Prof. Dr. Dres. h.c. Klaus Leisinger, President Globale Werte Allianz Foundation

Date / Time / Place:

Tue, 16.05.2023 / 9:00 am to 6:30 pm / KIT


June 2023
Module Communication & Conflict Resilient Mind Digital Fairness
Date Tue, 15.06.2023 Fri, 16.06.2023 Wed, 21.06.2023

"Communication & Conflicts" - Effective communication and solution-oriented conflict management

As a manager, it is important to react flexibly to different situations and to adapt your own communication to the requirements. Communicative skills are therefore indispensable as the basis for a modern leadership culture. The "Communication & Conflicts" module is intended to raise awareness of recognizing and dealing with one's own effective competence and to promote the development of communicative skills and cooperative conflict resolution.


  • Basics of communication and conversation

  • Dealing with difficult communication situations

  • Personal self-awareness with regard to one's own behavioral dispositions in private as well as professional life

  • Discovering inner needs and interactional conflict patterns


  • Sensitization with regard to one's own and interactional communication patterns

  • Strengthening of communicative skills

  • Development of the competence in appearance as well as strengthening of the sovereignty in the interaction with others


  • Daniela Geraets, Entrepreneurial coach, consultant for agile methods and organizational development, communications trainer, entrepreneur for 12 years

Date / Time / Place:

Thu, 15.06.2023 / 9:00 am to 6:30 pm / KIT


"Resilient Mind" - mindful handling in everyday management

It is important for managers to reflect on their own behavior in order to be able to navigate through challenging times with confidence. Knowing yourself well and also keeping an eye on your own health helps to remain efficient in the long term and is at the same time an essential ability that serves as a role model. In the "Resilient Mind" module, you will learn how mindfulness methods help to develop self-leadership and decision-making skills and strengthen motivation and empathy in everyday leadership.


  • Introduction to the concepts of mindfulness and emotional intelligence as well as the neuroscientific background of how the brain works and the effects of stress on the body

  • Discovering the connections between self-awareness and self-leadership and getting to know one's own "triggers"

  • Learning techniques to be able to lead oneself optimally in difficult situations and thus to achieve more concentration, a better decision-making ability as well as improved cooperation

  • Transfer to everyday life with the Zurich Resource Model (ZRM)


  • Creating an understanding of the connections between mental stress, stress reactions and performance

  • Gain clarity about your own personal challenges (triggers) (self-awareness)

  • Get to know methods to optimally control yourself in challenging situations (self-management)

  • Strengthening of well-being and resilience in everyday leadership


  • Astrid Böttger, Media coach, leadership trainer and stress management expert, certified Search Inside Yourself trainer

Date / Time / Place:

Fri, 16.06.2023 / 9:00 am to 6:30 pm / KIT

July 2023
Module Career Inside Yourself (Closing) Closing event  
Date  Fri, 14.07.2023 Tue, 25.07.2023 (from afternoon)  

"Career Inside Yourself" - Individual Positioning and Outlook

As a potential executive, it is elementary to know where you currently stand and where you want to go. The module "Career Inside Yourself" helps to locate one's own position and to develop life and career perspectives.


  • Goal planning: linking management skills and one's own career - exploring which tasks and framework conditions might be the most suitable ones

  • Career planning - roadmap for further professional development

  • Resources for the career path and to find your own balance


  • Define own career goal parameters

  • Implementing the learning success of the individual modules into one's own life and career planning

  • Recognizing what one has learned about oneself in the course of the Leadership Talent Academy and what influence this has on one's future life and work

  • Consolidation of a network among the participants


  • Doris Brenner, Freelance consultant specialising in personnel development and career counseling

Date / Time / Place:

Fri, 14.07.2023 / 9:00 am to 6:30 pm / KIT

"Closing event" - summary and outlook

The official closing event of the Leadership Talent Academy enables a summary of one's own participation and an outlook on the time as a future leader. 


  • Review of the Leadership Talent Academy

  • Exchange on the guiding principles of and the message behind th the Leadership Talent Academy

  • Farewell


  • Summary of participation in the Leadership Talent Academy

  • Conclusion in a relaxed atmosphere

Date / Time / Place:

Tue, 25.07.2023  / from 4:00 pm / KIT

Die Abschlussveranstaltung bietet mit Grußworten von Vertretern des KIT und der Karl Schlecht Stiftung einen repräsentativen Rahmen zur Übergabe der Teilnehmendenzertifikate. Das Programm wird abgerundet durch einen Impulsvortrag mit anschließender Diskussion. Nach einem offiziellen Empfang lassen wir den Abend gemeinsam ausklingen.


Datum / Uhrzeit / Ort:

Di, 27.02.2024 / 16:00-20:00 Uhr / Triangel Open Space



Alle Teilnehmenden der Leadership Talent Academy erhalten die Möglichkeit zur Teilnahme an individuellen Coachings zur Vertiefung der Inhalte


Zum Aufbau eines Netzwerkes mit den Teilnehmenden der Leadership Talent Academy finden Alumni-Veranstaltungen statt.

Save the date: 30.11.2023 - Alumni-Veranstaltung für alle Jahrgänge


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