Funding opportunities through EXIST Transfer of Research

Program details

EXIST Transfer of Research supports outstanding research oriented projects that involve extensive and high-risk resource development.

  • EXIST Transfer of Reseach has two phase funding.
  • In the first phase, results of research that have the potential of becoming the basis of a start-up business are developed further. The objective is to carry out further resource development to clarify fundamental problems involved in converting academic findings into technical products and processes. The business concept based on these findings should be made into a business plan and the planned business start-up should be prepared systematically.
  • In the second phase of funding further resource development, measures to start business operations and meeting the prerequisites for external business financing are at the center of interest.

Please note: Before submitting an application, an initial interview with the KIT Founders Forge start-up coaches must take place.


Further information on the program can be found here.