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Ride along - as an advertising partner on the KIT shuttle buses
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Advertising spacees By commissioning two environmentally friendly fuel cell buses in 2013 and constructing a hydrogen filling station at KIT, KIT contributed to the establishment of a hydrogen infrastructure for future-proof energy use and sustainable mobility in Baden-Württemberg.

More than 160,000 KIT students and employees use the KIT shuttle service per year. The hydrogen buses shuttle daily free of charge between the sites Campus North, Campus South, and Campus East, thus providing high visibility on the approx. 15 km route in Karlsruhe. The sponsorship packages include attractive advertising space on the outside as well as inside of the hydrogen buses.

Become a sponsor and "ride along" on the KIT shuttle buses between the KIT sites.


Advertising spaces

Logo presence:
- on the rear and sides of the buses
- inside the buses (logo, flyer display, posters)
- on the sponsor board at the hydrogen filling station
- on the KIT Shuttle website

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Sponsor brochure 2021

Exklusive Werbepakete

Es stehen zwei exklusive Werbepakete zur Verfügung:

- "Außenwerbung Bus"
- "Innenwerbung Bus"

Details finden Sie unter dem nachfolgenden Link.

Hier könnte ihr Logo stehenKIT
Hier könnte ihr Logo stehen