FAQ (frequently asked questions)

All about the Leadership Talent Academy program

The support program includes a central support program (with various workshop and seminar days ranging from topics such as Authentic Leadership, Communication, TopHealth & Business Ethics to Intra- & Entrepreneurship). Optionally, a 7-day academy week "Leadership and Personality" at Schloss Elmau follows for a limited number of participants. The curriculum is rounded off by coaching offers and alumni events.

The program starts every winter semester. Every semester starting in 2023.

Up to 30 participants can participate in the program.

As a participant, you should be able to attend all workshop and seminar days. Furthermore, you commit yourself to participate in the ongoing evaluations of the program, with the help of which the program is constantly being further developed. After completion of the program, we would be pleased if you would commit yourself as an alumnus/alumna to the next round. For example, as an ambassador for the program and possibly at an alumni evening. During the Leadership Talent Academy, pictures and videos will be taken for reporting and marketing purposes. We would be delighted if we could also get you involved in public relations work as part of the Leadership Talent Academy. As a participant, you also agree to immediately notify us of any changes that are relevant to your participation in the program. This includes, for example, changes in contact details, change of course of study, change of university or termination / discontinuation of studies or doctorate.


Target group

In the third round, selected professionally outstanding and socially committed top master students and doctoral candidates of KIT, from the engineering and scientific environment, who are about to make the transition to professional life and would like to gain further qualifications for a later management position in terms of a value-oriented personality and career development can participate in the exclusive funding program.

No, unfortunately this is not possible. The program is offered exclusively for KIT master students and doctoral candidates.

Yes, participation in the program is also possible in the case of postgraduate and second degree studies.

Yes. In addition to master's students, the program also provides for doctoral students.

Yes. The funding program is open to Master students and PhD students of all nationalities. Please note, however, that the organization and implementation of the program will take place in German only. Therefore, proof of German language skills at least on level C1 is required, unless you are a native speaker.

No. There is no age restriction either for the application or for participation in the Leadership Talent Academy. However, participation in the Leadership Talent Academy requires a minimum age of 23.

As long as you can ensure that you can regularly attend all workshop and seminar days, there is nothing to prevent this.

The standard period of study has no relevance to the application. Exceeding the standard period of study is therefore not an obstacle to participation in the program. It is only important that you remain enrolled and can participate in all workshop and seminar days.

No, unfortunately this is not possible. An essential focus of the program consists of elements of self-awareness and the building of a sustainable community together with the other participants. Therefore a continuous participation in all workshop and seminar days is required.

No, unfortunately this is not possible. An essential focus of the program consists of elements of self-awareness and the building of a sustainable community together with the other participants. Therefore a continuous participation in all workshop and seminar days is required.

If you can foresee that you will change university during the current semester in which the program is being conducted, participation in the program is unfortunately not possible.

Yes, the Leadership Talent Academy's participation in the program is independent of BAföG, support from the Giftenförderungswerke or any other scholarship. However, before you apply, please check with the relevant BAföG office, organization for the promotion of gifted persons or scholarship provider about possible participation in the Leadership Talent Academy.


Application process

To participate in the Leadership Talent Academy, you will go through a two-stage selection process. In the first part, you can submit your written application documents. After reviewing your documents and receiving positive feedback, we would like to get to know you in the second part of the selection interview. You will find further information on the application page. The selection process will be accompanied by a selection committee.

There is no fixed grading criterion or numerus clausus (NC) as is the case with the allocation of study places. However, in addition to your individual motivation, your academic performance as well as your social commitment will be taken into account in the selection process.

Please submit all application-relevant documents such as internship, hiwi or job references as well as current grade extracts and (final) certificates collectively within the application deadline. You will find an overview of the required application documents on the page Application.

Yes, please choose one of your two courses of study when applying online and indicate it. The grade point average will then only count from this course of study.

Your proof should show how intensively you have committed yourself and what kind of commitment it is.

Yes. The selection interviews usually take place one week after positive feedback on the submitted application documents. Please make sure to keep these dates free, as there will be no alternative dates. You can find the current dates on the Application page.

No, unfortunately. But we would be pleased if you would get involved as an alumnus/alumna in the next round. For example, as an ambassador of the program, in the application and, if necessary, at an alumni evening.

Yes. A rejection does not mean that you were automatically rejected for the future. You can reapply for every new job offer.

Please use the subject "Application for the Leadership Talent Academy" for your application. As soon as we can record the receipt of your application, you will receive an automated confirmation of receipt.

Within KIT, only authorized employees have and receive access to your personal data if they absolutely need to know about your application. For the decision on your application, your data will also be passed on to authorized members of the Karl Schlecht Foundation (www.karlschlechtstiftung.de) and passed on to authorized employees of the Institut für Philosophie und Leadership gGmbH (Academy "Leadership and Personality") (https://www.leadershipinstitut.de/akademie-fuehrung-und-persoenlichkeit)). For participation in test procedures (e.g. on the topic of personality and leadership motivation) in the course of the Leadership Talent Academy, Hogrefe Verlag GmbH & Co. KG has access to the following data: First name, last name, date of birth, gender, e-mail address, test results and evaluations.

The data protection declaration for the application process can be found on the application form activated during the application period under Application. With your application you confirm that you have read the data protection declaration. In addition, the general Privacy policy.

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