Advertising opportunities on the campus

Address your target groups directly!

Your advantages:

You present your career offers, services, and products to KIT students and staff

You choose from numerous advertising spaces to reach your target group

You will reach the field of study you are looking for

Beispiel für Plakat- und Bannerwerbung im Audimax KIT
Poster and banner advertising

from 300,- EUR plus tax

Online shop
Beispiel für Flyerverteilung und Infostand KIT
Flyer distribution & information stand

from 250,00 EUR plus tax

Online shop
Benefit from the largest selection of target groups

Poster: DIN A0
optional: flyer basket can be added
Locations: Foyer of the Audimax as well as in the departments of computer science, math, chemistry and mechanical engineering

Banner: 2x1m with eyelets; material: mesh
Locations: Foyer of the Audimax as well as in the chemistry and mechanical engineering faculties; outdoor mesh-banner at the big lecture tents on the forum

Draw attention to yourself through advertising campaigns

Ensure special attention through advertising campaigns.
On Campus South and Campus North there are different possibilities.

- floating distribution actions
- small information stand without electricity
- large advertising inventory with electricity, etc.
- special formats (e.g. promotion truck)


Current information: Due to the corona pandemic, other advertising spaces are currently available and/or spaces are frequented by many different target groups.

Please contact us directly via email tocampuswerbung∂ We will be happy to advise you on the various possibilities.

For information on advertising spaces in the mensage area, please visit

Free advertising is not possible on the KIT campus.