Start-up counsel

Particularly in the early start-up phase, founders need financial resources to promote their business idea and fill it with life. Public grants can provide a financial boost for start-ups. Depending on the business idea, different federal and state funding programs are available.


The EXIST Business Start-up Grant

With the EXIST Business Start-up Grant, the Federal Ministry of Economics and Energy promotes the development of a business idea into a business plan, the development of marketable products and innovative services as well as the targeted preparation of a start-up.


EXIST Transfer of Research

With EXIST Transfer of Research, research results that have the potential to become the basis for founding a company should first be developed further in the scientific establishment of a university or non-university research institution. With this, the basic technical feasibility of the product idea is ensured and a foundation can take place.


Helmholtz Enterprise (HE)

Helmholtz Enterprise is an instrument that supports targeted preparations for a technology-based spin-off.


Young Innovators

The program "Junge Innovatoren" of the MWK is an instrument to support start-ups from universities and non-university research institutions in the state of Baden-Württemberg.


Any questions?

The KIT-Gründerschmiede start-up coaches will be happy to advise you on these funding programs.

You can find further offers for founders and people interested in starting a business on the website of the KIT-Gründerschmiede (“KIT Founders Forge”).