Establish contacts with companies

At the KIT Career Service company events, you have the opportunity to come into contact with exciting companies from many sectors in an informal setting. Take the opportunity to talk to experts from a wide range of fields, build up your professional network and get a concrete picture of different professional fields.

In the Company Profiles section, companies that are specifically looking for KIT graduates present themselves with a profile page. Seize the opportunity and find out directly about your entry opportunities.

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KIT Career Fair
Eine Referent spricht vor einer Studierendengruppe KIT Career Service

Different events with companies: Get job insights at the JOBTalk or get to know companies in short interviews at the Company Speed Dating

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Puzzleteile KIT-Career-Service
Trial Day

Look behind the scences of companies

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Company profiles

Use the filter to find the companies that are searching for students of your study degree