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Either through the Company Speed Dating, where you can get to know up to nine companies from one branche in 8 minute interviews. Or get into close contact with one company through an excursion to their working world or on campus in a workshop/lecture through our Company Events. If you are not quite sure which job you should go for you, than try out our JOBTalk where you can talk to up to five companies about different jobs in one branch, what the differences are and what lies behind the different job descriptions. 

All of our events are platforms for you to meet different companies, find out what is important for appplying and how to apply to each company. Most importantly you can use the events to network and gain contacts within one company. If you want to look into different companies beforehanded you can use our company profiles where you get an insight into the application process and important facts from different companies.

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Company Speed Dating
Studierendengruppen stehen bei Unternehmenstischen und informieren sich über Berufe ihres Studiengangs KIT Career Service
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Company Events
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Company Profiles

Are you a member of an official KIT student group or a KIT faculty group and have an upcoming event? Than you have the possibility to place your event in our calender here.

Company Events and the KIT Career Fair

++wird verschoben++ Workshop with Belden@Home

++wird verschoben++ Workshop with Belden@Home

2021-04-21 15:00 - 17:30@Home,
++will be postponed++ Workshop & Business Case Study  
We invite you to get an insight into our Belden culture & Business and meet some of our Belden people. After giving you an introduction of Belden and working@belden, we will show you a presentation of our great `Early Career Leadership program`. With the ECLP Belden is developing its future leaders and preparing young people to succeed in a future management career in different functional tracks. You will then have the chance to experience our way of working in a strategic business case study where you are asked to work out a strategy for a new business model of our company and present your results to us. We will provide high level feedback and help you to reflect on your approach.   Afterwards we invite you to a virtual "Get-together" were we can network and get to know each other individually.   Curious?   We can´t wait to meet you! Register now and CU soon!   Find the current ECLP vacancies in our Career Service Portal: Operations - Early Career Leadership Program R&D - Early Career Leadership Program   To find out more about Belden - check out the Company's profile on our website.    
 Who is this event suitable for? Students from the following study degrees:   Electrical Engineering and Information Technology Industrial Engineering and Management Informatics Information Systems Mechanical Engineering Mechanical Engineering International

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Julia Vorhauer
Head Career Service & Alumni
Focus on "Company meets Campus"

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