Application Photoshooting

The first impression of your application documents is decisive and opens the door to the job interview. A photo is still appreciated in the German speaking area, as it gives an application an individual touch.

For only 20 euros personal contribution our professional photographer will put you in the right light and ensure that the application photo really reflects your personality.

The next dates can be found in the events calendar.
After registration you will receive a confirmation. In the week before the photo shooting we will inform you about your personal appointment. You will be informed by e-mail after the event when and how you will receive your photos. The processing of the pictures usually takes one to two weeks. 

Small Tips for the Outfit

Wear something that you really feel comfortable in. the aim is not to create a dressed-up impression, but to convey sympathy. It is advisable to follow the dress code usual in the trade, in case of doubt it is better to dress too elegant than too plain. Muted colours, such as dark blue or dark grey, are preferable so that the application picture does not look too distracting.

For ladies, for example, a trouser suit, jacket and skirt in combination with a blouse is recommended. Men are always well advised to wear a single-color shirt, jacket and tie where appropiate. Everything should harmonize with each other and give a natural impression of the person.

Important - in Case of Cancellation: 

Unfortunately, we often receive cancellations at short notice or no cancellations at all, so that seats remain empty. If it is not possible for you to participate in an event despite a binding registration, please cancel your registration at least one week before the event begins. We reserve the right to block candidates who do not cancel their registration or cancel it too late from further events. If you are ill, we also accept  a short-term cancellation.