Participation in spin-offs

Business start-ups are an important element of technology transfer. The number and value of start-ups is a measure of the innovative strength of a research and teaching institution.

Participation in spin-offs is becoming increasingly important at KIT. The aim is to create optimal starting conditions, especially for research- and capital-intensive start-up projects. The KIT closely accompanies these spin-offs in its shareholder responsibility, both strategically and operationally.

In addition, KIT is involved in equity investments for strategic reasons.

Overview of KIT Investments in spin-offs

MARA Solutions GmbH

FORMIC Transportsysteme GmbH

nanoshape GmbH
Phytonics GmbH
Aquarray GmbH

CCA-Carola Clean Air GmbH

memetis GmbH
Simutence GmbH


Further information on this topic is available on the website of the KIT Founders Forge.