When curious students get to learn more about your job descriptions!

JOBTalks offer students the opportunity to obtain direct information on career fields from professionals from various disciplines. For your company, the JOBTalk is an opportunity to communicate your company profile to a specific target group as a potential employer. However, short-term recruitment of new employees by companies is not the goal. The JOBTalks serve to inform our students about career prospects in various companies. Suitable internships for the students or possibilities to write the master thesis at your company will be gladly included in the event for very interested students.

How does a JOBTalk work?

1. brief presentation of the company incl. highlights by a company specialist.
2. division into small groups for the discussions at the company tables (digital company rooms).
3. 20-minute presentation of two career fields in the topic area of the JOBTalk and answering questions from the students.
4. exchange contact information or information about internships, etc. if both parties are interested.
5. networking at the subsequent get-together.

Anticipated JOBTalks 2023 - all under the theme "Energy".

  • 07.12.2023 Energy Management - with the main target group - Industrial Engineering and Management
  • 08.02.2024 energy informatics - with the main target group - computer science
  • tba: Energy and environmental technology - with the main target group - mechanical engineering
  • tba: Renewable energies - with the main target group - electrical engineering and information technology

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