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TED (Technology, Entertainment, Design) is a unique conference format from the USA under the motto "ideas worth spreading". Independently organized TEDx events have evolved from this worldwide. The basic idea has remained the same: To inspire and move people with their own ideas.


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Become a partner of TEDxKIT and be part of a success story. Reach a young, inspiring and international target group at KIT. Address students from different study programmes as well as citizens of the city. Also benefit from the international awareness of TEDx and its online reach.



The conferences welcome regional and international speakers and performances covering a wide range of inspiring topics and ideas - from research and science to global issues, business, culture and the arts. All talks are recorded and published on TEDx's YouTube channel under the Creative Commons licence to reach an even wider audience.


The target audience

The audience consists of external guests and young, international and successful students of KIT. KIT is known for its excellent study programmes and research in science. The target group is very diverse and interested in international topics and challenges. What brings all guests together is the conviction that new ideas, creativity and innovation-driven thinking are the basis for future development and progress. In addition, you reach the citizens of Karlsruhe and potentially thousands of viewers on YouTube and other social channels.


Exploring limits

After taking a little break last year, we'll be back with TEDxKIT in 2021. Our next event will take place on Wednesday, 06.10.2021, at the TRIANGEL Open Space.

Under the motto "Exploring Limits", ideas worth spreading will be presented in inspiring talks by speakers.

You can look forward to a varied supporting programme and a great community!



  • Damian T. Dziwis
    Using an AI in the arts; how to support human creativity through AI
  • Dr. Roma Szeliga
    "Heartbeat Quality. An amusing excursion into healthy levity!"
  • Kevin German
    How to apply AI, especially genetic algorithms, in the field of art to increase the economic value of the product
  • Sonja Thiel
    Exploiting and developing artificial intelligence systems for museums
  • Verena Mohaupt
  • Ester Horvath
  • Rafaela Hillerbrand
    How is machine learning and AI used and how objective is this process?
  • Barbara Kopp
    Does humanity pay off?
  • Prof. Dr.-Ing. Ingo J. Timm
    How do measures affect the pandemic process at the municipal level?
  • Dr. Hans Schipper
    Regionalisation of Climate Model Results, the Impact of Extreme Weather Events and Personal Affectedness by Climate Change
  • Johannes Schmid-Johannsen
    Dispelling prejudices and assumptions about the pandemic through knowledge and facts and educating the public at large


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