Doris Brenner


A freelance consultant with a focus on personnel development and career consulting. She has many years of experience in the personnel sector, including at Bosch, as well as in management positions. As a consultant and coach, she works at the junction between companies and applicants. She supports both managers, e.g. in the selection of personnel, and offers you as an applicant a look behind the scenes at what is really important in the application process. Doris Brenner is the initiator and founding director of the DGfK Deutsche Gesellschaft für Karriereberatung e.V. (German Society for Career Consulting) and has published numerous publications on the subject of job applications and professional development.


Petra Gögelein


A consultant for university students at the Agentur für Arbeit. She is a sociologist (University of Bonn), social pedagogue (Duale Hochschule Heidenheim) and social therapist (Institut für Therapieforschung München). Her main focus is on consulting for professional orientation during studies and after graduation, individual strategy development in job search and application, potential analysis and location determination, communication training and simulation of application situations as well as career and study counselling in case of dropping out of first study. It is the contact for students and graduates in the fields of automation engineering, biotechnology, chemical engineering, electrical engineering, power engineering, automotive engineering, computer science, material engineering, teaching degrees for engineering pedagogics as well as high school, material science, mechatronics, medical engineering, pedagogics, photonics, physics, robotics and sensor technology.


Brigitte Herrmann


Is a consultant, trainer, business coach and owner of INSPIROCON Herrmann Potenzialberatung. The main focus is on strength-oriented career, personality development and self-marketing. She supports companies in their further development in the areas of recruiting/employer branding, talent development and leadership. As an independent headhunter, Brigitte Herrmann was a cooperation partner of personnel consultancies for 15 years and has filled more than 400 specialist and management positions across all industries - from top management to the board of directors. She is a certified consultant for positive psychology (DACH PP) and author of the book 'DIE AUSWAHL - Wie eine neue starke Recruiting-Kultur bestimmen den Unternehmenserfolg'.


Andrea Ketelhut


Is a graduate engineer and since 2010 self-employed in the field of applicant management. Prior to this, she was employed for a period of over 20 years, mainly in the personnel department of Daimler AG at the Sindelfingen plant. In her freelance work, she coaches graduates throughout the application process and conducts specific assessment center training to prepare them for their professional life at the University of Tübingen, among others.


Katrin Plangger


With her many years of professional experience as a recruiter, personnel developer, trainer and coach, Ms. Plangger offers a wealth of experience in all questions concerning the application process. As an application consultant and career coach, she develops individual competence profiles, professional and appealing application documents as well as a goal-oriented application strategy for her clients, prepares for job interviews or assessment centers and advises on questions of professional (re-)orientation.

Ms Plangger works as a freelance systemic coach. In her coaching office in 71287 Weissach, she offers business coaching for specialists and executives on the topics of stress and time management, work-life balance or conflict management and also carries out these coachings internally in companies.

Due to her many years of experience at Hochschule Pforzheim, Ms Plangger is very familiar with the career consulting of students and graduates. In addition to KIT, Ms. Plangger is also active in Pforzheim for the Career Center.


Eva Reichmann


  • Since 2011 with her company beruf & leben GbR as a trainer and consultant for career planning, doctoral studies, job-relevant competencies and university didactic topics.
  • 2004 to 2010 development of a service area for studies, teaching and career at a university 
  • Prior to that, she worked for 7 years as a consultant for personnel and organisational development in the private business sector. 
  • 1990 - 2001 teaching and research at the University of Bielefeld. 
  • She works with universities and colleges nationwide, and is thus able to incorporate ideas from other university departments into her work - and knows both the academic field and free business from years of her own practical experience.


Bianca Sievert


  • Since 2011 co-owner of beruf & leben GbR; training and consulting: application, career, planning of doctorate, job-relevant competences; university didactic: workshops, lecturing, module support at universities and universities of applied sciences; 
  • 2004-2010 science management; development of a service area for studies, teaching and career, focus on career service (central, decentral)
  • From 2001, staff member at the Interdisciplinary Centre for University Didactic at Bielefeld University; head of the tutorial programme


Elisabeth Zenkner


Studied educational science, psychology and sociology. Several years of professional experience in adult education and in study and career consulting for high school graduates. Consultant in the university team of the Agentur für Arbeit in Freiburg for 13 years, since 2017 in the university team in Karlsruhe. Contact person for social scientists and humanities scholars, teachers, natural and environmental scientists and designers. Her main areas of expertise are the development of an individual career entry strategy, methods for accessing the open and "hidden" labour market as well as application consulting and application coaching.