Applications in english

Students and alumni across the KIT may want to apply for an internship, full time job or begin their research at a company. However, nowadays an English application is often required and that means sending your CV/Resume and a covering letter. What is the difference between a CV and a Resume? How do I know which one to send and what does it look like? What should I leave out? What should I include? How can I add imagination to my application? Ultimately, how can I improve my chances of being selected?

In this workshop you will not only learn the answers to the aforementioned questions, but also how to design your CV/Resume and write an appealing cover letter, deal with challenging questions in interviews and how to get your experience across in a creative and personal way.

Once you have completed your CV/Resume and covering letter, you will have the chance to have it checked over one more time, to be sure it’s as perfect as it can be.

Date: 27 September, 2018 Registration via our events calendar is required.