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From the Rhine to the Thames - First Karlsruhe Alumni Meeting in London

Already at four o'clock in the afternoon on this Saturday, 25 alumni of the University of Karlsruhe met in the trendy Scottish restaurant Albannach, which is located directly on the pulsating Trafalgar Square. It started with a big HALLO in the bar area. For some who have been in England for a long time this was the first opportunity to see - and hear - so many Germans and then Karlsruheians at once! The alumni group was a colourful mixture and yet dominated by economists. Companies based in cosmopolitan cities like London are home to Karlsruhe alumni, among them J.P.Morgan, WestLB, McKinsey, P&G, Goldman Sachs, Rolls-Royce, etc.

At the following dinner it was unanimously decided that there must be a club in London - ideas for next meetings were exchanged immediately. To make this club as effective as possible and to involve several alumni on the organisational level, a kind of alumni board was convened. From now on, six alumni will take on concrete tasks ranging from researching further alumni in England, supervising internships to organising the founding event.

At three o'clock in the night, the last ones went home - many with the thought of having found a new home in their new home. Contact person for the club in London is: Daniela Strass


The Association of Greek Graduates of the Universität Karlsruhe AlumniKaTH Greece, today's KIT Alumni Club Greece, was founded in Thessaloniki in 1996. The more than 150 members are offered many events (e.g. a New Year's reception), lectures, seminars and a monthly regulars' table.

The Regional Club not only cultivates contacts among members, but is also available for questions concerning education and science in dialogue with the German Mission Abroad, German schools and the Goethe Institute in Thessaloniki and Athens.

Management of the Alumni Club Greece:

Prof. Dr. Panagiotis Misaelides


Study: Chemistry (Doctor)

Place of residence: Thessaloniki, Greece

Phone: +30 2310 99 7789

Contact: misailid∂

"A meeting of generations."

Memories of the past, organization of the present, planning for the future! Scientific, technical and cultural events, contacts with Greek and foreign colleagues, consulting for future KIT students. It is fun to participate!        


The Regional Club Luxembourg is officially registered as an association under the name AAELK (Amicale des anciens étudieants luxembourgeois à Karlsruhe) with headquarters in Strassen and Luxembourg. The official accreditation took place on 15 July 2000. 2005 the club celebrated its 50th anniversary and now has over 200 members. Every year there are various events: an official annual general meeting and numerous leisure activities (e.g. football matches against students, dinners, cosy meetings).

50 years Regional Club Luxembourg

The AAELK (Amicale des anciens étudiants luxembourgeois à Karlsruhe) is the association of former Luxembourg students who completed their studies at the Universität Karlsruhe (TH).

The association was founded in 1967 and has been successfully pursuing various objectives for 40 years. One of these is to facilitate the graduates' entry into professional life by means of contacts already established. However, the association sees its main task in helping its members to maintain contacts with each other. For this purpose, activities are organised at regular intervals to which every member is invited. Mostly these are bowling evenings with shared meals. But the annual football match "Young vs. Old" is particularly popular. Here the older men compete against the current Luxembourg students, although the latter usually leave the pitch as winners. In 2007 for the first time an all-day bicycle tour through Luxembourg was organised, which, with the success that is already becoming apparent, will find a firm place in the AAELK calendar of events.

2005 was a very special year for all Luxembourgers who are currently studying in Karlsruhe or have already done so, as it was the year in which the 50th anniversary of the Club of current Luxembourg students was celebrated. For a whole weekend, young and old enjoyed themselves together in Karlsruhe, memories of the old student days were refreshed and experiences were exchanged. The young students were able to show what was new to discover in the fan city, while the older students could tell how everything looked like in the past and "that everything was better in the past anyway".

And just as AAELK has strengthened the cohesion between the numerous graduates of the Fridericiana over the past 40 years, so it should and will continue in the future.




Micky Dauphin


Since March 2018 there is now also an alumni club in Switzerland. It connects all KIT alumni who have studied, researched, or taught in Karlsruhe and now live in Switzerland.  Regular meetings and joint activities shape the character of the Swiss Alumni Club. Alumnae Pia Maria Herrling and Julia Schulte are involved on site and are available as contact persons for the Swiss Alumni Club: Mail: info∂


Pia Maria Herrling


LinkedIn Profile: Pia Maria Herrling 


"During my time at KIT, I met friends, colleagues, and extraordinary personalities who have shaped me and continue to do so today. The Alumni Network also thrives on personal encounters - at a regulars' table or in joint activities. The exchange is a real enrichment."


Dr. Julia Schulte

Study: Mathematics

Place of residence: Bern

Contact: julia.c.schulte∂


"I am proud of my Baden alma mater for many reasons: It was at this alma mater that the electromagnetic waves were discovered in today's Hertz lecture hall, the basis for wireless networking, and the first graduate of a German technical university was Magdalena Neff in Karlsruhe in 1906. By the way, she completed her studies with distinction. The Swiss KIT Alumni are one of the largest international alumni groups and we have the potential to make a big difference. A study at KIT shapes and connects generations and different professional disciplines. At regular meetings we exchange ideas and make plans for joint activities and projects."




A scientific partnership between the Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT) and the Technical University of Budapest (TU) has existed since 1970. The Alumni Club Hungary was officially accredited on June 18, 2004 and since then has about 100 members. Many events are offered for them, including the official general assembly, but also leisure events such as a ski camp and several informal social meetings.


Management of the Alumni Club Hungary:

Dr. Tamás Urbancsek

Studies: Electrical Engineering and Information Technology (Doctor)

Place of residence: Budapest, Hungary

Phone: +36 20362 09499

Contact: tamas.urbancsek∂


"I want my students to be able to have the time of their lives like I did."

As a guest lecturer of the TU Budapest and alumnus of KIT, my former students, who are currently in Karlsruhe themselves, still connect me with KIT. At that time, I had unique professional opportunities and was able to establish many important contacts. Therefore, as an alumnus, I want to make sure that students are informed about professional and extra-curricular opportunities and can have a great time just like I had back then. Today I still like to meet people who were at KIT just like me!