Technology Transfer Projects

As a rule, research results are still a big step away from a concrete product. For market relevance, further investment must be made in the development of the technology, the process or the software.

In order to close the resulting financing gap, the KIT has "TT projects". These are technology transfer projects that are carried out by an institute together with an industrial partner and in which KIT invests its own central funds from the NEULAND innovation fund.

Prerequisite for an investment from the innovation fund is the interest and willingness of an industrial partner to also financially engage in the project. His knowledge of the market, concrete specifications of important product features, and early clarification, for example, of the distribution, ensure that the underlying idea can actually be successfully brought to market.

On the other hand, the institute should have a property right or know-how that serves as a basis for a license agreement with the industrial partner.


TT Flyer KIT
Technology Transfer at KIT

An overview of the Technology Transfer offers in the information flyer.

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