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"It's all about people"

James M. Utterback, Professor of Management and Innovation at the Sloan School of Management at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology



With more than 9500 employees, including 355 professors in around 135 institutes, KIT is a leading innovation partner for industry. As a member of the KIT Business Club, we support you in developing the technical potential and the diverse contacts in the KIT environment individually and systematically and in establishing a trusting partnership at eye level.





Single point of contact
Use the KIT Business Club as your personal contact point for all questions about KIT.

Detailed insights
Get quick answers through individual research and valuable access to the right know-how carriers at KIT.

Open doors
Get in touch with the KIT Executive Committee, the KIT experts and the innovators of the member companies of the KIT Business Club.

At the pulse of research
Stay up to date on important topics, new technologies and current trends from KIT in a time-saving way.

Take advantage of our range of events to get an overview of current research topics and to get in direct contact with the speakers.

Strengthen the innovative strength of your company through a broad-based and long-term partnership with KIT.

  You can find an overview of individual services of the KIT Business Club under “Services”