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Economical relevance of research must be identified, developed and promptly transferred to the market in order to strengthen and expand Germany as a business location in the global competition. Company start-ups are an important component of this project. 

These tasks can no longer be achieved with public funds alone; many new findings already remain unused or are implemented in other parts of the world. For the future viability of our society, we therefore need a globally oriented culture of innovation, more visionary and courageous people, new scope for creativity and strong innovation alliances.

The objective of KIT Innovation gGmbH is to promote teaching concepts, persons, projects, and platforms at KIT that pursue the transfer of new knowledge, new services, and new technologies with help of committed partners and modern instruments. The KIT should develop as an international location for innovation and business start-ups. For this, we need your support!

Further information is available at the official website of KIT Innovation gGmbH.

KIT Innovation gGmbH is a KIT company. It was founded with the objective of promoting the strategic topics of innovation and entrepreneurship.


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