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The technology marketing of the Innovation and Relation Management supports scientists in marketing their inventions to industry. The consulting service is open to all scientific employees who are looking for the right cooperation partner for their application-oriented research. Innovation Management provides support in the areas of marketing, distribution and project initiation. The aim is to generate cooperation from initial contacts - whether for cooperative projects, contract research or licensing of the technology.

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Editorial support and publication under RESEARCH TO BUSINESS

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Advertise technologies

Under the brand RESEARCH TO BUSINESS the technology offers of KIT are published. These short and compact exposés are prepared in cooperation with you as the know-how carrier and published via different channels. The technology offers are intended to arouse interest among industry representatives and technology scouts and initiate initial contact.

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Show trade fair presence

Technology offers and exhibits are presented centrally at the annual Hannover Messe. In addition, specialist trade fairs can also be targeted for selected topics. The Innovation and Relations Management will support you in the preparation of media content by arrangement and will also accompany you personally if necessary.

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Meet development partners

The Innovation Day NEULAND and RESEARCH TO BUSINESS live, organized by technology marketing, gives you the opportunity to present your research activities and meet potential industry partners. Through the direct exchange during the event, you can make contact with company representatives and directly discuss possible cooperations.

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The digital newsletter is sent out regularly to a subscriber base of industry and media representatives as well as contacts from the research community. A fixed component of the newsletter are the latest technology offers, supplemented by events, projects, and news about Technology Transfer at KIT. We will be pleased to include your technology as an offer in the Newsletter.

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Technology alert

The technology alert offers an individual supply of the latest technology offers of selected industries for technology scouts, employees from research & development and people interested in technology. With a technology offer you can reach important multipliers directly. We prepare your technology together with you and exploit it in a targeted manner.

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The online blog offers the collected reports on Technology Transfer at KIT. It provides deeper insights into projects, protagonists, and the daily work of technology exploitation and commercialization. Here, your successful transfer projects and cooperations based on your inventions and know-how will find a stage.

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Annual Issue

The annual edition contains reports, portraits and news about the work in the field of Technology Transfer. In addition to important news and successful development projects, the Annual Edition focuses more on the activities of innovation managers and IP management staff at IRM and how they support transfer.

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