Recoveries from licensing income

License income as part of the total income from a contract isgenerated by sales or licensing. For example, industrial property rights, qualified technical improvement proposals, or software are sold and licensed. If license income is generated, it is divided into three parts in a transparent procedure:

  • Inventor or community of inventors
  • KIT institute or organizational unit where the know-how underlying the license income was generated
  • KIT or the Innovation Fund, which finances new transfer projects in a kind of intergenerational contract

The distribution of the returns is regulated by existing legal bases, such as the Employee Invention Act or the Copyright Act.

Employees will find all relevant regulations and examples of application in the regulation for inventor remuneration and the handling of KIT license income.

Inventor remuneration and inventor bonus

Inventors whose invention results in a patent application in the name of KIT or which is exploited via a license will receive an inventor's bonus or inventor's remuneration.

  • The basis for an inventor bonus is the respective patent application in the name of KIT. Contact person is Dr. Andreas Weddigen.
  • The basis for the inventor remuneration is the income from license agreements. Contact person is Dr. Thomas Kröner.

Contact person

Administrative issues