The fast lane to your dream job

At the Company Speed Dating students have the opportunity to get to interview up to nine companies in a very short time. You get to know the companies in eight minute interviews and gain contacts and entry possibilities.

If you feel you have not received enough information you can use the get-together at the end of the Company Speed Dating to go into more depth with the companies that were the most interesting to you.

We offer the Company Speed Datings in the following three formats:

Bild von einem Auto Fotolia
Kandidaten*innen unterhalten sich mit Unternehmensvertreter*innen am Tisch mit einer Uhr im Hintergrund KIT-Career-Service
Ein Kandidat ist im Gespräch mit Unternehmensvertretern KIT Career Service

"The Company Speed Dating Consulting offeres students one of the best possibilities to get into contact with a number of interesting companies in a short period of time. Just like in"real" speed datings you introduce yourself and at the same time find out fascinating details from your opposite. I especially liked how diversified the individual interviews were and that you meet well-known international consultants next to small and more specialised consulting companies."
- Manuel Künzig, industrial engineering bachelor –