Distribution of the first year backpacks winter semester 2020/21


We will inform you by e-mail as soon as the rucksack can be handed out again (status: April 26nd, 2021).

Welcome to KIT!

The team of Career Service & Alumni are happy to welcome you to your first semester at KIT! We offer advise and guidance for all applications and career topics. You can find a student job through our JobPortal or meet companies in one of our recruiting events throughout your studies. To give you a good start into your studies we have a gift for you - the KIT first year backpack. In this welcome gift you can find helpful information about KIT and giveaways from this year’s partners.

Every new beginning is filled with a little bit of magic - one says. But this year one could suspect some black magic which caused this years situation. Which gave us the idea to follow the magical impulse and organise the backpack distribution in this pandemic after a famous wizarding world.

In the wizarding world new students are placed in four different houses. This not only helps us with the distribution of the backpacks but also shows you how KIT was created and established. In each step of the development new study programmes have been introduced - which we matched to the four houses and where you can find out to which house your study programme belongs to:

House Polytechnikum (1825-1865) (BLOCK IV)

Students of the following faculties have been placed into the House Polytechnikum:

  • Chemistry and biosciences

  • Chemical engineering and process engineering

  • Mechanical engineering

House Technische Hochschule (1865-1967) (BLOCK III)

Students of the following faculties have been placed into the House Technische Hochschule:

  • Architecture

  • Civil engineering-, Geo- and Environmental Sciences

  • Electrical engineering and information technology

  • Physics

House Universität Karlsruhe (1967-2009) (BLOCK II)

Students of the following faculties have been placed into the House Universität Karlsruhe:

  • Economics

  • Interdisciplinary study programmes

House KIT (2009 - heute) (BLOCK I)

Students of the following faculties have been placed into the House KIT:

  • Humanities and social sciences

  • Computer science/IT

  • Mathematics

Dear first year students - do you remember in which house you have been placed?

Good! Let's get to the backpack distribution.


Backpack distribution

Which house do you belong to?

The first distribution will take place thanks to the Zentrum für Information und Beratung (zib) and will be available to Bachelor first-year students who do not belong to one of the following faculties (institut). Those faculties (instituts) have already received backpacks for you and will hand them out when they can.

-    Architecture or
-    Chemistry and Biology or
-    Sport Institut or
-    Mathematics or
-    Interdisciplinary study programmes cooperating with the Hector School

Nonetheless you can still be proud to be in your house ;-)

If you do not belong to the named faculties (insitut) then you can choose an appointment at the zib via the WiWi-Portal . Please note that it is not possible to distribute the backpack at the moment due to the COVID regulations.

And at the end we would like to quote the famous wizard books: "'Happiness can be found, even in the darkest of times, if one only remembers to turn on the light.'"