Funding opportunity through the validation of the potential for technological and social innovation of scientific research - VIP+

Program description

Validation of the technological and social innovation potential of scientific research - VIP+ is a funding measure which invites scientists from all disciplines to take the first step from the world of research towards economic value creation or social application.

VIP+ supports scientists in examining and demonstrating the potential for innovation of their research results and in developing possible fields of application. VIP+ thus creates the conditions for the further development of research results into innovative products, processes or services.

At the same time, the risk for third parties in investing in further development is reduced. The support provided by VIP+ thus goes beyond purely scientific questions and serves as a bridge to the subsequent valorization or application.

With VIP+, this further research and development work is supported in proposals of up to three years with up to 1.5 million euros. The funding measure is open to researchers from universities, from non-university research institutions jointly financed by the Federal Government and the States, and from federal institutions with R&D tasks. Applications can be submitted on an ongoing basis.

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Funding from VIP+ takes place exclusively in the so-called validation phase. This phase immediately follows the identification phase, during which promosing research results with high potential for innovation are identified. Fundamental research questions no longer exist at this stage. Another prerequisite is that the valorization or social application is still associated with such high risks that financial participation by third parties cannot be expected. In other words, no industrial partner should or may be included in the application, but other universities or research institutions may be included. The aim of the validation phase is to test, prove and evaluate the potential for innovation and to open up possible fields of application. Details can be found in the Guidelines for Application.



Before submitting a full proposal, a short, maximum two-page, concept may be submitted in order to have the basic eligibility for funding checked by the project management organization. The VDI/VDE Innovation + Technik GmbH project management organization has developed a number of key question for this purpose.

A full proposal shall be no more than 25 pages and should cover the following points.



The complete application guide can be found here:

At the moment, it is possible to apply for the VIP+ funding on an ongoing basis, the assessment can take up to eight months.

If you are interested in submitting an application, please contact IRM. We will advise and support you in the preparation and elaboration of your application.



FIMA (third-party funds) will support you with the financial processing, SU Law will assist you with any necessary cooperation agreements. However, Innovation Management will be happy to continue to support you.



FIMA (third-party funding) is responsible for the financial processing during the term of the agreement, and will gladly support Innovation Management in organizational matters, if desired.



FIMA (third-party funding) is in charge of the financial processing during the conclusion of the contract, and will be happy to support the Innovation Management if required with information regarding the final report.