Patent departments and contact persons

You are a KIT staff member but your institute is not listed below? Then please contact Dr. Andreas Weddigen (andreas.weddigen∂


Patent department 1 - Mechanics, Robotics, Process Engineering

Contact person Dr.-Ing. Andreas Weddigen:

  • Institute for Automation and Applied Informatics (IAI)
  • Institute of Automotive Systems Engineering (FAST)
  • Institute for Technical Chemistry (ITC)
  • Institute for Micro Process Engineering (IMVT)
  • Institute for Production Engineering (wbk)
  • Institute for Solid Construction and Building Material Technology (IMB)
  • Institute for Applied and Numerical Mathematics (IANM, EMCL)
  • Institute for Information Processing Technology (ITIV)
  • Institute for Product Development (IPEK)
  • Institute for Technical Thermodynamics and Refrigeration (ITTK)
  • Institute for Technical Thermodynamics (ITT)
  • Institute for Thermal Process Engineering (TVT/TFT)
  • Institute for Piston Engines (IFKM)
  • Institute for Technology Assessment (ITAS)
  • Institute for Materials Handling and Logistics Systems (IFL)
  • Institute for Mechanical Process Engineering (MVM)


Patent department 2 - Micro-/ Nanotechnology

Contact person Dr. Herrade Weis:

  • Institute for Microstructure Technology (IMT)
  • Institute for Nanotechnology (INT)
  • Institute for Micro- and Nanoelectronic Systems (IMS)
  • Helmholtz Institute Ulm (HIU)


Patent department 3 - Chemistry, Biology, Climate

Contact person Dr. Kristina Münnich:

  • Institute for Technical Chemistry and Polymer Chemistry (ITCP)
  • Institute for Catalysis Research (IKFT)
  • Institute of Biological and Chemical Systems - Biological Information Processing (IBCS-BIP)
  • Institute of Biological and Chemical Systems - Functional Molecular Systems (IBCS-FMS)
  • Institute for Bio- and Food Technology (BLT)
  • Institute for Functional Interfaces (IFG)
  • Institute for Inorganic Chemistry (AOC)
  • Engler-Bunte-Institute (EBI)
  • Institute for Biological Interfaces (IBG)
  • Institute of Organic Chemistry (IOC)
  • Institute for Meteorology and Climate Research (IMK)


Patent department 4 - Physics, Electrical Engineering, Optics

Contact person Dr. David Ball:

  • Lighting Institute (LTI)
  • Institute for High Power Pulse and Microwave Technology (IHM)
  • Institute for Process Data Processing and Electronics (IPE)
  • Institute for Photon Research and Synchrotron Radiation (IPS, ANKA, LAS)
  • Institute of Applied Physics (APH)
  • Institute for Process Control Engineering (IPR)
  • Institute for High Frequency Technology and Electronics (IHE)
  • Institute of Photonics and Quantum Electronics (IPQ)
  • Institute of Communications Engineering (CEL)
  • Electrotechnical Institute (ETI)
  • Institute for Anthropomatics (IFA, IES)
  • Institute for Industrial Information Technology (IIIT)
  • Institute of Physics (PHI)


Patent department 5 - Physics, Materials, Energy Technology

Contact person Dr. Sandra Vollmer:

  • Institute for Technical Physics (ITEP)
  • Institute for Applied Materials (IAM)
  • Institute for Thermal Energy Technology and Safety (ITES)
  • Institute for Nuclear Physics (IKP)
  • Institute for Quantum Materials and Technologies (IQMT)
  • Institute for Neutron Physics and Reactor Technology (INR)
  • Institute for Nuclear Waste Management (INE)


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