Big Goals for the Deutschlandstipendium at KIT

Five years ago, KIT introduced the Deutschlandstipendium to support motivated, talented and socially committed students in their studies and in dealing with personal, financial, medical or familial challenges. Last year alone, the support of our alumni enabled us to award a total of 228 scholarships.

This year, it is our major goal to reach the maximum of 365 scholarships through your support - so that as many students as possible can fully concentrate on their studies and community service in the student council, university group and society.

Help us to achieve this goal and support the students: With your donation for the Deutschlandstipendium at KIT, you support us directly and effectively - because the Federal Government doubles every Euro you donate! We are very grateful for any support whether you want to donate a whole scholarship (1,800 euros private donation + 1,800 euros doubling from the Federal Government = 3,600 euros) or a smaller amount.

Setting a Good Example:

Mr. and Mrs. Roth and Mrs. Alkadi - "And the spark ignited immediately"

How did you find out about the Deutschlandstipendium?

Lama Alkadi: When I started my studies, I was informed about the scholarship by Mrs. Daniela van Rüden, the coordinator for the integration of refugees and migrants at KIT.
Ulrike and Thomas Roth: Already in 2010, we became involved with the KIT-Stiftung, among others, because we are convinced in the importance of supporting education as a basis for a self-determined life. In 2013, we received the KIT Medal of Merit for this. In 2014, we supported a student for the first time within the scope of the Deutschland-Stipendium.

What were your reasons to be involved in the Deutschland-Stipendium? And what does it mean for you to be supported or to be sponsored?

Lama Alkadi: Apart from the financial support, it was important for me to get to know experienced and successful people, who are my inspiration.
Ulrike and Thomas Roth: Our personal educational paths (as engineer and teacher) have given us many opportunities in life to shape our own life according to our ideas. We have never forgotten the privilege of a good education. The further support of well-educated young people - especially through alumni - is therefore more important to us than ever.

What personal gain do you have from this support? And what do you hope for?  

Lama Alkadi: By talking to people with professional experience, you can better imagine the future and learn from their experiences. In addition, motivation and mental support for the students is a very important part of a successful study. The conversation with Mr. and Mrs. Roth was very inspiring and motivated me to continue.
Ulrike and Thomas Roth: The common interest in travelling to other cultural areas and getting to know people there shaped us early on and influenced our views. That's why we have always tried - both privately and professionally - to build bridges. Due to the ongoing refugee situation in recent years, we have also dealt more intensively with the topic of integration. For this reason, in this year's support of scholarship holders, we have made a point of including the aspect of migration. At the ceremonial handing over of the certificates on 7.11.19 we met "our" scholarship holder Lama Alkadi from Syria, and the spark ignited immediately, also because her home region is not unknown to us. Lama, who already has a perfect knowledge of German, gave an exciting account of her future plans as a future architect. We are quite sure that Lama will use the scholarship to pursue her studies with determination! 

How does the contact between you look like?

Lama Alkadi: Because Mr. and Mrs. Roth live in Munich, we will keep in touch by e-mail and I very much hope that we will meet again soon.
Ulrike and Thomas Roth: Since we live in Munich, we will stay in touch by e-mail for the time being and exchange information in this way. But I am sure we will meet again personally!


Mr Weltzien and Mrs Rothenhäusler - A tandem of sponsor and scholarship holder

v.l.n.r. Herr Weltzien, Frau Rothenhäusler, Herr Schöll (Foto: Sandra Göttisheim)

How did you find out about the Deutschlandstipendium?

A. Rothenhäusler: There are many different sponsorship opportunities and a wide range of possibilities with different offers. That is where I came across the Deutschlandstipendium and applied.
U. Weltzien: I was contacted directly by the Vice President for Innovation and International Affairs, Prof. Dr. Thomas Hirth. This was the first time that I heard anything concrete about the Deutschlandstipendium and was interested.

What were your reasons for participating in the Deutschlandstipendium? And what does it mean to you to be sponsored or supported?

A. Rothenhäusler: The nice thing about the Deutschlandstipendium is that you know a person you associate with the sponsorship. I like this personal level of the Deutschlandstipendium. In addition, it gives me the opportunity to see exactly what I can expect after my studies. As a student, I usually only live among students. We motivate each other, but we don't really know what to expect later. Through the Deutschlandstipendium a direct contact to the professional world is established, which expects us after graduation, so a part of the uncertainty disappears.
U. Weltzien: As a KIT alumnus I have felt connected to my alma mater for many years. Therefore, the Deutschlandstipendium is a great opportunity for me to support students who are committed in a special way. Furthermore, I strengthen my ties to KIT.

What is your personal gain from the support?

A. Rothenhäusler: Apart from the sponsorship, my sponsor gives me a lot of motivation to take my studies into my own hands with even more commitment. I can see right in front of my eyes which possibilities are open to me later on, which decisions can be made and I can see that everyone started small at some point. This is particularly noticeable when you talk about what it was like to study at KIT in the past. Surprisingly many things have remained the same and there are many interesting stories from student life back then.
U. Weltzien: Through the support I get in contact with young students and learn what it means today (50 years after I started my studies) to be able to work successfully in a large institution. I feel a spirit of optimism that fascinates and delights me.

What does the contact between you look like?

A. Rothenhäusler: I met Mr. Weltzien personally at the scholarship celebration and we had a very interesting conversation right away. Since he lives in Frankfurt, we are in contact by e-mail and can therefore keep up to date and exchange information over the distance.
U. Weltzien: Through a lucky assignment I got to know a young, prospective civil engineer. Mrs Anna Christin Rothenhäusler is a committed, courageous young woman who has set herself a lot of goals. And I am convinced that she will achieve her goals after the first meeting. Since I do not live in Karlsruhe, we keep in touch occasionally by e-mail. At the presentation of the certificates I brought along a friend and alumnus from KIT and I believe that he liked the concept of the Deutschlandstipendium as well.