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Issue 2|2019


Innovation Project



The Cloud Makers

Together with Bilfinger Noell GmbH, researchers from the Institute for Meteorology and Climate Research (IMK) at KIT want to professionalize cloud research.


Dr. Larissa Lacher from the Institute of Meteorology and Climate Research (IMK) at KIT is pleased to report that "we are making the first clouds at noon today" – in foresight of the upcoming test measurements with PINE (Portable Ice Nucleation Experiment). Just a few days ago, the ready-for-sale measuring instrument for aerosols and ice nucleating particles (INPs for short) from the pilot series was delivered to the institute, which was developed by the IMK research group together with the engineers from Bilfinger Noell GmbH. The measuring device passes through a final check at the institute before delivery to the very first customer.




Start-up Nation

The Helmholtz Association, of which KIT is a member, opened a new office in Tel Aviv, Israel, in October. The event once again highlighted the special start-up culture of this country, which leads to the rapid and consistent implementation of innovative business ideas from science. In Germany, too, the topic has gained considerable momentum in the political arena. However, it is important that we reach the people behind the research. They are the actors we need to win over! The contribution of politics and scientific institutions should be to remove obstacles and to accompany and support start-up teams in their first steps.
8 Many good examples at KIT show that technology transfer through start-ups can be a successful way - most recently with the spin-off INERATEC, which won the German Founders Award in 2018.


Portrait Dr. Jens Fahrenberg

Jens Fahrenberg

Dr.-Ing. Jens Fahrenberg
Head of KIT Innovation and Relationship Management

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Founding at KIT

Improved simulation for lightweight construction

SIMUTENCE offers new simulation methods for the virtual product development of fiber-reinforced plastics.

The three founders of SIMUTENCE want to reduce uncertainties and costs in the development and use of fiber-reinforced plastics. Fact is that fibre-reinforced plastics offer outstanding mechanical characteristics, such as high material stiffness and at the same time very low weight." Especially in the course of electro mobility and the reduction of CO2 emissions, lightweight construction is playing an increasingly important role" states Dominik Dörr, who is part of the founding team.