Innovation and Relations Management

Job profiles Speed Dating


Present your company at this exclusive recruiting event directly on the KIT Campus South. Within 13 minutes, you have the opportunity to present one or two job profiles to a group of 2-4 students, e.g. what a typical work week looks like, which tasks the job involves, your own career and the qualifications required for it. With the presentation of the job description the workplace becomes more tangible and attractive and you can inspire the students for your company. If there is mutual interest, you will exchange contact details and network with your ideal candidates during the subsequent get-together.

Currently, the job description Speed Dating is offered to students of electrical engineering and information technology.


  • Presentation of the individual companies in the plenum
  • In 13 minutes the job descriptions are presented to the 2-4 students
  • Get-Together


Date 20 January 2020
Targeted Group KIT students from the fields of electrical engineering and information technology
Anmeldung der Unternehmen christina.wiesner∂


You can find further inromation in the Flyer.