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Foto Tanja Lange
Projektleiterin KIT-Deutschlandstipendium
+49 721 608-46989
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Katrin Guethlein
Katrin Güthlein
Ansprechpartnerin Bewerbungsprozess für das KIT-Deutschlandstipendium

+49 721 608-46988

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Information about the Germany scholarship

What is the Germany scholarship?

The Germany scholarship at the KIT supports students with 300 € per month for the duration of one year. It is awarded without consideration of personal or parent income. Half of the scholarship is financed by private sponsors (companies, private individuals, endowments and associations) and half is financed by the German federation.


Who can apply?

Students of all nationalities who are either already registered at the KIT or university entrants who start their studies at the KIT can apply for the scholarship. The Germany scholarship sponsors students whose present accomplishments show future above average study achievements. Criteria for the selection are success at school as well as extra-curricular activities. These can be the participation in clubs and university politics or volunteer work. Special consideration is also given to students who have had to overcome difficult situations due to special family circumstances.

Find out how to apply here.