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Katrin Guethlein
Katrin Güthlein
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Application process

Overview of the application process for the winter term 2019/20

April 2019 Application period from the 1st of April to the 25th of April 2019
August 2019 Selection of the scholarship holders by the study commissions
September/October 2019 Notification of the scholarship holders
October 2019 Beginning of the sponsorship and payment of the 1st scholarship installment
October/ November 2019 Scholarship Ceremony


Start your application process here!


How to apply:

  • Fill out the online form, upload certificates in PDF format - ready!
  • You will receive a confirmation about the entrance of the application by e-mail.
  • Acceptance or refusal letters will be sent by letter at the end of september.


Application documents:

Please, upload the following application documents in PDF format with the online application, please bear in mind that we cannot consider other formats:

  • Document 1: Motivation letter (max. 1 page)
  • Document 2: Tabular curriculum vitae (1-2 pages)
  • Document 3: University access authorization (High School Diploma/Abitur)
    • Students of the masters degree must also upload their bachelor diploma 
  • Document 4: Matriculation certificate
  • Document 5: Proof of social engagement 
  • Document 6: References and Internships
  • Document 7: Other documents (e.g. prizes and honoring, special personal circumstances)
  • Document 8: Current Transcript of Records (must be dated in application period)
    • Number of ECTS points must be enclosed.
    • University applicants who do not have a Transcript of Records of the KIT yet are supposed to upload their High School Diploma instead.


Only if the online application form is filled and completed (with university applicants) within the application period, the application can be considered in the selection.


Please note:

Only if the online application form is filled in and completed within the application period, the application can be considered in the selection. Documents sent by e-mail will not be considered.

Exception: University Access Authorization and Matriculation Certificate of a new KIT student can be handed in after the application process via e-mail at deutschlandstipendium∂kit.edu

  • Restriction of the data dimensions (2 MB/files, 8 MB all together).
  • For every required document you may only upload one file. If you want to upload several papers, please combine them in one PDF-file first.
  • For university applicants: the university access authorization can be handed in until the 31st of July, 2019 by e-mail: deutschlandstipendium∂kit.edu
  • If you graduated at a school or university abroad: We only accept English certificates (translations must be officially certified). Furthermore the grades have to be converted to the German grading system.

Please see our FAQ area. For further questions please contact us by e-mail at deutschlandstipendium∂kit.edu


Selection Process

The selection process is as follows:

  1. Verification of the data provided and automated ranking (faculties and GPA).
  2. Evaluation of "other" criteria (in accordance with § 3 StipG, e.g. voluntary social commitment, readiness to take on responsibility, special family circumstances, etc.) by an independent Diversity Committee.
  3. The applications are forwarded to and evaluated in the respective departments.
  4. The applications are presented to the selection committee that will then determine a proposal list. AFTER the scholarship students have been selected, some of the sponsors will be granted advisors' rights (§ 2 StipG), but only concerning the matching of students and sponsors. For data privacy reasons, KIT will not send student applications to third parties. Selected student motivation letters and CVs can only be accessed at the KIT and subsequent to having signed a non-disclosure agreement. Information on psychological and physical limitations will NOT be made accessible to any third party.


Start your application process here!